Printers can face certain common problems owing to heavy-duty printing and frequent use. You might note that it has stopped working without any prior notice. There might be some obvious reasons, as well as indications that your device has run into a breakdown. You may get to see error messages, crippled paper outputs, improper and faded prints, and many more. So, you need to take care of the issues at the earliest to avoid hampering your work. 

What does your Printer won’t Print?

Your printer is not printing properly due to some common issues. You need to get a brief idea of it at first. In doing so, you will be able to avoid such problems. The common problems are jammed printing queue, paper jams, driver issues, issues in the network connections, and many more. 

Easy Methods to make your Printer Print

There are various methods that will be helpful for you to make your printer print again. Without wasting any time, let’s just dive in and learn about them one by one. 

Method 1: Free up the Printer Queue

Sometimes it happens that the printer queue gets jammed due to the pending tasks. On the other hand, there might be some old pending tasks in the queue that failed to print. These tasks are restricting your recent document. So, you need to clear up the queue to print your current task. 

Right-click on the printer icon that is present in the taskbar to open it. You will see a list of tasks present there. Once again, right-click on each and every task and click on ‘Cancel’. Continue doing until the queue is empty. After that, assign a new task to the printer and it will easily print your document

Method 2: Check and Eliminate Paper and Ghost Jams

The occurrence of paper jams inside your printer has various possibilities. If any paper jams occur, open the backside of the printer, look for it. If you don’t witness any paper jam, then open the front side, if you see it, eliminate the paper slowly and gently. In some cases, if you don’t find any jammed paper on both sides then it is a ghost jam. 

Ghost jam? A confusing term right? Relax, there are no ghosts inside your printer. There might be some tiny pieces of paper stuck inside your printer. All you have to do is to remove the rear duplexer along with the grip. After doing this, make sure that the rollers can move freely. Hold the two brass points with a paperclip. This will let the device think that the duplexer is still there.

Without releasing the clip, tap on ‘OK’ in the Control Panel. Now, turn your attention towards the plastic gears and check whether it is moving freely or not. If they don’t, there must be some tiny pieces of paper inside them. Check and remove them all. Now, check the rubber roller whether there are any shreds of paper. Once the rollers and gears spin without any hiccups, remove the paper clip. 

Method 3: Resolve the Driver Problems

If your printer drivers are corrupted or outdated, then you have to either update or reinstall the drivers. If this happens, you will get a pop-up error message ‘No driver found’. Go to your printer manufacturer’s official support page. After that, select your printer model. Select the specific Operating System that you are using. Download all the available driver setup files. 

When the download is complete, one by one install it. The installation process will replace all the corrupted and outdated driver files. Always keep in mind that in such cases, the hardware of your computer and the printer is not at all responsible for it. If still, it does not solve your problem then contact Printer Repair Dubai for support regarding it.