Easy Ways To Troubleshoot Epson iPrint Cannot Find Printer Problems

iPrint is an app which you can use to access and print files from DropBox, Google Drive, EverNote, etc. iPrint can also scan documents from connected printers and enables you to share your data online. Sometimes Epson iPrint cannot find printer when you haven’t turned on the printer and the router. Even if both the printer and the router are on, iPrint won’t work for an unstable network connection.

Also, if you are facing such an inconvenience, you can connect with Epson Support.

Common Reasons For Epson iPrint Cannot Find Printer Error?

  • Epson iPrint can have problems connecting to the printer when the device containing the Epson iPrint does not have proper data services.
  • The problem can arise when the device and Epson printer are not on using the same wireless network or SSID. It is because Epson iPrint searches for printers which are using the same network as its device is accessing.
  • If you do not connect your printer to another network, iPrint will fail to recognize the printer.
  • If remote printing option is not available on your Epson printer, the same issue will be shown. Again, iPrint won’t find your printer if you have not registered your printer to the Remote Print function.
  • The problem can start if another application is running on the device which contains Epson iPrint.

It may happen that you have not installed the required driver for your Epson printer. But, if you come across this issue after installing the driver, it seems incompatible with the OS. Epson iPrint cannot find a printer if the settings on your printer do not match with the settings on the device.

For some users, we have found that the router is the main source of the issue. The problem can take place if your router does not have updated firmware.

Simple Ways To Fix Epson iPrint Cannot Find Printer

So, now that we have a proper idea about what can cause Epson iPrint app to malfunction and interfere in connecting to the printer, let’s check out the required solution.

Solution 1

Ensure that both the Epson printer and the wireless router are powered on. Then sync them with your mobile device with the iPrint app, on the same network.

Solution 2

Bring your router, device and the printer closer wireless signal range issues. If your wireless router supports several networks, connect your printer to a different network.

Now, check whether iPrint is able to find the printer or not. Enable Remote Printing option on your device and register the printer to the Remote Print Function.

Solution 3

Stop any application running on your device to speed up the printing or scanning process. Install a printer driver compatible with your computer’s Operating System. Also., update the router’s firmware to the latest version to avoid any more conflicts.

Solution 4

Check that the network to which you have connected the printer is configured properly or not. Otherwise, irregularities in internet connection can lead to the same issue. Make sure that the settings on your device and your printer match. If you find the Wi-Fi router itself is the cause of this issue, then let our experts look into the matter.

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