When you turn on your printer, you may often encounter Epson error 031008. It occurs if you have not inserted the printhead or ink cartridges into the printer. You can also receive this error during the ongoing printing session. Dust can accumulate on the scanner of the printer or inside the printhead. As a result, you may face this error. There are many such causes behind Epson error 031008. This article reveals the causes along with effective measures to diagnose the issue.

Causes Of Epson Error 031008

Epson error 031008 usually occurs due to the following reasons.

How To Fix Epson Error 031008?

We have mentioned some simple ways to help you out of this error.

Check the paper tray

Turn off the printer and gently pull out the paper tray. Then remove some paper if you have overloaded it. Also, ensure that you have not mixed different types of sheets. Check that you have placed the paper correctly in the paper tray. Push the paper tray back to its position and turn on the printer to find that this method has resolved Epson error 031008.

Check the obstruction

Turn off the printer again and get access to the input tray. Remove any loose sheet of paper that is blocking the tray. Then take out the input tray from the printer. Check whether there are bits of torn paper in the place where the input tray was present. If you find any such pieces, then pull them firmly out of the printer. Reinsert the tray into the printer and push it until it locks into place. Then restart the printer to check that you have fixed this issue successfully.

Check the toner level in cartridges

Turn off the printer and open the ink cartridge access door. Press the button located on each cartridge and pull out the cartridge. Now check if the cartridge has sufficient ink to print. If the toner level is low or the cartridges are empty, then replace them. After that, put back the cartridges into their place and restart your printer.

Change the USB cable

You can try to fix this issue by using another USB cable. If required, then connect the cable to a different USB port. Therefore, turn off the printer and disconnect the printer from your computer. Reconnect the printer with another USB cable to a different USB port. Power on the printer and to see that it has eliminated Epson error 031008.

Replace the faulty printer driver

If the driver installed in your printer is incompatible with your Windows or faulty, then replace it. You can visit the manufacturer’s website and get a proper driver.

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