Epson iPrint is an app which you can install on any device to get access to files in DropBox, Google Drive, EverNote, and so on. iPrint can scan documents from connected printers. It not only enables you to print the documents but also allows you to share your data online. You may fail to use this app due to some technical issues. Hence, you may want to know “how to use Epson iPrint?

This article is a compact guide on the usage of Epson iPrint. Apart from this, you can connect with our Epson Support to fix your issue promptly.

How To Use Epson iPrint? Difficulties Involved

If you have turned off your printer and the router, Epson iPrint app will be unable to find the printer. Moreover, the iPrint won’t work due to an unstable network connection. When the printer and the device are not on the same wireless network or SSID, you cannot use this iPrint app. You can face also this problem if your printer does not have the ‘Remote Printing’ feature. Furthermore, you cannot use

Epson iPrint when you are operating some other applications on your device. In addition, when your printer lacks a compatible driver, it does not allow you to use the iPrint. A damaged router or damaged USB ports of your computer can be some other cause of this issue. The problem can arise from a mismatch in the settings between the printer and the router.

Methods For “How To Use Epson iPrint App?”

Method 1

Turn on your printer, router, and the device/PC which contains the iPrint app. Ensure an uninterrupted flow of network connection. Set the same wireless network for your device and your printer. Then add the ‘Remote Printing’ feature on your device.

Method 2

Exit the running applications on your computer and retry to use Epson iPrint. Search for a printer driver which is compatible with your computer’s Operating System and install it on your PC. Upgrade the router’s firmware to prevent it from conflicting with the iPrint app.

Method 3

Connect your printer to your computer via a USB cable. You will need to replace a damaged USB cable. If the USB port is problematic, use a different one. Now, sync the printer and the router with the iPrint app. If the synchronization fails, then reboot the device and printer in safe mode and reset the synchronization.

Method 4

Launch the Epson iPrint on your device and select ‘Printer. ‘ Click on the ‘Local’ option to choose a printer that you want to use. If the printout fails, you will receive a maintenance screen. Follow the instructions on that screen and take the necessary measures. It may ask you to clean the print head or check the nozzle of your printer. Therefore, you can automatically perform these tasks by selecting the ‘Head Cleaning’ or ‘Nozzle Check’ option respectively.

Method 5

Launch Epson iPrint on your device and tap the ‘Printer Is Not Selected’ button. Now, select ‘Printer’ and add ‘Remote Print’ function on your device. Enter the printer’s email address and finish the process. After that, take a print test to ensure that you have successfully solved your issue.

Get In Touch To Epson iPrint App Support

If the solutions given in this article do not resolve your issue, connect with our tech team. Visit Epson Support to check out the best-in-class Epson iPrint App support we provide to the users. We know how valuable the Epson products are for you. Therefore, we have come up with dependable Epson support which will retain the adequate working of your device. So, call us at our customer support number +1-844-828-5593 or mail us to fix “how to use Epson iPrint? Interact directly with our experts to remove any more queries from your mind.

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