How To Setup Epson 5040UB Projector [Easy Guide]

Setting up the Epson 5040UB projector will allow you to watch videos in 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. However, the setup procedure of this projector is unknown to many. 

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with this easy to follow guide to set up Epson 5040UB quickly.

Hence, follow this guide to the end and learn the process in detail.

Setting up the Epson 5040UB Projector

This section of the article will provide you with the steps to set up the Epson 5040UB projector. So, follow the steps given below sequentially and set up this projector easily.

Step 1: Select the Best Place for the Projector

To get the best performance from the projector, you need to choose a proper ceiling and then hang the machine from there. 

Make sure to install the projector in such a way, so that the lens is set evenly according to the upper and lower section of the screen and is horizontally centered. You can use the ‘keystone correction button’ on the device to adjust the image of the projector.

Step 2: Connect the Epson 5040UB Projector to Video Device

Here you will learn the procedure on how to connect a video device to the projector. To do it properly, follow the steps below.

  • First, take out the back panel from the projector to reveal all the ports within it.
  • Next, connect more than one video device with the projector via the ports present at the back.
  • To select a specific video device, choose the ‘Source’ button on the remote.

Step 3: Power On the Projector

In this subsection, you will get to learn the steps that will help you to switch on the projector device correctly. So follow along.

  • First, start the video device from which the input signal will come to the projector.
  • Next, connect the power cable of the projector to the wall socket.
  • After that, tap on the ‘Power’ button of the projector to start it up or you can even press the ‘On’ button present on the remote control.
  • As soon as you click on that button, a shutter covering the lens will open up and the ‘Power’ LED will start to flash blue light and then become static.
  • Now a ‘Home screen’ will come up. In this screen, you’ll find various options which can be chosen via the arrow buttons present on the remote.
  • At last, play a video and check whether the projector is functioning properly or not.

Step 4: Adjust the Image

You can even adjust the image of the projector and follow the steps below to do so.

  • First, start the projector and then tap the ‘Pattern’ button present on the remote control. This action will project a test pattern.
  • Next, to correct a tilted image or raise it, you will have to adjust the front feet of the projector and set it accordingly.
  • After that, hit the ‘Lens’ button present on the remote and then use the left or right arrow keys to set the focus of the image.
  • You can press the ‘Lens’ button of the remote once again and then use the left or right keys to enlarge or reduce the image of the projector.
  • To reposition the image of the device, you will have to again press the ‘Lens’ button and then use the arrow keys.
  • At last, press the ‘Esc’ button to exit from the test pattern.

This was the complete procedure to set up the Epson 5040UB projector correctly. Please leave your feedback in the comments.

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