Epson provides one of the top-rated printers which are mostly liked by users. These printers have features which predestined the limitation on the number of a printing job that can perform before shutting down it for the purpose of maintenance. After reaching to its maximum limit, a warning light flashes with a message that suggests the printer requires preservation. In case you meet with this issue, you need to reset your Epson printer.

If you need to reset your Epson printer and the procedure is unknown to you then, don’t need to be panic. Here is the article for you. In this guide, we have defined how to reset Epson printer. Our article will help you to reset the Epson printer. You can follow the steps or if this seems difficult to you then, you can contact our Epson support team. Keep your eyes on the article to know the details.

How To Reset Epson Printer With Easy Steps

You can follow the steps to reset your Epson printer:

Otherwise, you can do the following procedure to reset the Epson printer:

Manual Reset

You can use the manual reset procedure. To do it, right click on the Program icon and go to the Reset Protection option. Now, continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Use Ink Pads

You can use the ink pads to reset Epson printer. This method is also equally effective.

The SSC Service Option Or Try To Use The Compatibility Mode

If you are a Windows user then, you can try to use the Compatibility mode to reset your Epson printer. To do so, right click on the SSC Service icon and go to the Properties. Then, select the compatibility mode and your job will be done.

Printer Online Or Offline Mode

You can use reset your Epson printer while using the Offline mode to proceed with it. In that case, go to the Control Panel and click on the Printers and Faxes option. Then, select the Printers icon and follow the instructions that will show on the screen.

Here are some additional tips to reset the Epson printer which is followed by:

These steps will surely help you with Epson printer firmware reset. If you are still stuck with the steps then, you should not try to do it on your own. This might lead you to some unwanted troubles. It is recommended to try out the above-mentioned steps only if you are enough tech-savvy. If you are not confident enough to try the steps, then you can contact our Epson support team for help.

Contact Our Epson Support Team For Tech Assistance

If you are still can’t understand how to reset Epson printer, then feel free to contact our support team. Our team is always at your service. We offer efficient services for all the printer related issues throughout the day. So, you can contact our experts at any time for tech help. Just call us on our customer care number [+1-844-828-5593 ] and talk to our experts for help.

Otherwise, you can drop your queries at our provided email id. If you face any trouble while contacting us, then don’t panic. Our live chat service is always available for you. We provide the best tech experts for sake of you. So, don’t hesitate to contact our Epson support team for any kind of Epson printer issues.