Epson Projector is quite popular in the field of business for its exclusive features and easy access. Moreover, it is able to provide you a hassle-free service through Powerpoint representation both in a wired network and wireless connection. But, the installation process of the Epson projector is quite complicated for the non-tech savvy person. Therefore, you doubt “how to connect Epson projector to Wifi?” and keep working with it fluently and without any breaks. So, for your convenience, our technical support team for Epson 4k Projector Support is always ready to serve with the technical support that you might need.

How To Connect Epson Projector To Wifi?

How To Connect Epson Projector To Wifi?

There are lots of solutions to set up your Projector with the wireless connection. Both of the Adhoc and peer-to-peer networks are allowed for creating a secure connection between your Computer and the projector. We have discussed a few of them which will guide you to set up the Epson projector Wifi.

Peer-To-Peer Connection

First, turn on your system and now insert the Epson projector disc into the Computer. Secondly, install the projector disc through Wizard and wait until it installed and saved in your system. Thirdly, tap on the “Finish” button to finish the installation process successfully. Then, turn on your Epson projector and connect to that computer. If you want to connect multiple devices, then install the disc in that systems.

Advanced Connection Mode

First, Switch on your wireless Epson projector and go to the “Configuration” section of the menu.

Secondly, press “Network” and select the correct network name and put a password in the Security section. Thirdly, connect your projector with your device and install the projector software in your system and wait for several minutes to finish it. Fourthly, open Control Panel Window and click on “System Preferences” from the left panel. Now, click on”Network and Internet” for PC and MAC, select only “Network” option. Finally, choose the option, “View Networking and Computing devices,” and you may see your device name along with the Projector details. Therefore, you make a secure connection between the System and the Epson projector

Direct Connection Establishment

Open your “Settings(gear sign icon)” from your iOS home screen. Here you will get the Wifi option to open “Wi-Fi Networks” menu. Here, you will select the option, “SSID” from the network list. After that, return to the home screen and choose ‘iProjection Apps” from iProjection sub-menu. Then, under this app, you will find another tab, “Projector.” So, tap it and select the specific projector from the available projector list and tap “OK” to proceed the connection.

By Fetching QR Code

You have to follow the above direct link up the method, but before going to the steps, you have to follow the steps below. First, Tap on “Read QR Code” option. Now, point the camera of your device or handset at your QR code projector display. Therefore, your iOS QR code will be fetched automatically.

Additional Infomation

We hope, the above methods will be effective for you to avoid all the conflicts with the Epson projector and clear the doubt on “how to connect Epson projector to Wifi?”.

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