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How To Check Ink Levels On Epson Printer – Get Easy Procedures

Epson printer is always been the sheer winner in the printer’s world. Most of the people prefer it for its durability as well as good performance. Epson printers are used in for both official and domestic purposes. But nowadays, users want to know a common fact that is how to check ink levels on Epson printer. This particular thing is not much complicated but the users should know the processes well.

In case you are also searching for how to check ink levels on Epson printer, then this article will help you out. Hence, go through the entire article and find the most useful tips for you. Remember that you need to execute the steps very carefully otherwise your device may get damaged.

How To Check Ink Levels On Epson Printer: Easy Procedure

Here, in this section, you will find some workable hacks to check ink levels on Epson printer. In case if you find that your printer is alerting for replacing the cartridges, then you should change the cartridge as soon as you can. Here is how you can do that:

Procedure For Checking Ink Levels

Checking the ink level is a very easy and simple process. To check the level, the first thing you need to do is press and hold the Home key for at least 10 seconds. After that, you need to move to the Setup option and select it. Then, choose the OK button by clicking on it. You will notice that a new page will open in the main screen of the device you are using. On that page, you can see an option of “Ink levels” of your Epson printer. Just hit on that option and your printer’s ink level is showing up on the LCD screen.

Additional Solution To Replace The Cartridge

If you want to replace the printer cartridge, then these methods will be helpful for you:

  • At first, turn on your printer and lift up the scanner unit. Tap the “Stop” key. If a cartridge is expended, then you can see that the printhead moves that cartridge to the indicator position. To check for additional low or expended cartridges, press the “Stop” button again.
  • When all the cartridges have been identified you can see that the printhead moves to the replacement position.
  • You need to press the cartridge for removing it and uplift the cartridge straight up.
  • After that, shake the new package of the cartridge lightly for at least four or five times, before removing it.
  • Then, you need to remove the cartridge from the package very carefully.
  • On the side of the cartridge, remove the yellow tape.
  • Then, on the ink holder, put the new cartridge. Now, you must press it down until it clicks into slot or place.
  • After inserting the ink cartridges, close the scanner lid.
  • Now, finally select the “Stop” button by clicking on it and the printhead goes to its home position. After some time, you will notice that the printer begins to charge the ink. This takes about 1.5 minutes and when the ink charging gets finished, the power light stops flashing and remains on.

Things To Remember

  • Before starting the process you need to be sure that you have your replacement cartridges in hand. After removing the old ones, you must install new cartridges immediately. Until you are ready to replace the old ink cartridges, leave them in the printer, to prevent the printhead nozzles from drying out. Until you are ready to install the ink, do not open ink cartridge packages. To maintain reliability, cartridges are vacuum packed.
  • Always be sure that you must not open the scanner unit while the cover of the document lid open. If you open the scanner lid at that time the printer might get damaged.
  • You should avoid removing the printhead with the hand because it might damage your device as well. So, you must move the printhead by tapping the ink button only.
  • Remember that you should remove the yellow tape that seals the ink cartridge. Without removing it, you must not insert it inside the printer. It can be harmful for your device too. Also, the printer restricts to print pages.
  • By any chance, if the ink gets on your hand then you need to rinse off with the soap and water it as soon as possible.

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