Epson printers are one of the best printers available in the market. People like to use the Epson laser and inkjet printers because of its high-quality printouts. The problem starts when the printer stops printing. It may happen due to the empty cartridge. To resolve the issue, you need to reset ink cartridge Epson. Do you know the procedure of resetting the ink cartridge?

If not, then follow the article to know the detailed procedure. You can go through the steps and try them on your own. At the same time, if you want to avoid the complication, you can call the experts for help.

Reason For Reset Ink Cartridge Epson

You may need to do resetting due to several reasons. If you find the printer stops printing, then the culprit may be the empty cartridge. When the cartridge is empty, you may need to reset it. There can be other reasons as well. However, you can reset the cartridge with the help of the cartridge reset tool as well as the software. To know the procedure, move to the solution part.

How To Reset Epson Ink Cartridge Faster

There are three simple ways to reset the ink cartridge. You can try all the procedures one after another. Have a look at the instructions and perform them carefully.

Solution 1: Reset Epson Ink Cartridge With Paper Clip

The easiest way to reset ink cartridge Epson is to press the reset button on the ink cartridge. To do it, at first you need to take out the cartridge from the printer and remove the plastic cover of the chip carefully. Now, you may see a small button of reset is present there. Press the button with the help of a paper clip. After completing the reset process, reinsert the cartridge and try to use the printer. You may see the printer is printing smoothly.

Solution 2: Use Cartridge Reset Tool

On the other hand, you can use the chip reset tool to reset ink cartridge Epson. The tool can help you to use the cartridge until it is empty. To perform the tool, first of all, remove the ink cartridge from the printer. Now, align it and the marks at the tool’s base. After that, press the reset pin of the tool for a while. You may see a red light blinking which indicates the solid contact between the device and the cartridge. Hold the pin until the light becomes green which means that the resetting is over.

Solution 3: Resetting With The Software

After that, you can reset the cartridge with the help of a software. Here you can use a third party program SSC Service Utility to reset it. The software helps to resolve a lot of issues. After downloading it, use it to reset the cartridge. Use it to eradicate your worries.

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