Several Windows 7 users report that while working, their printer suddenly goes offline. If you are a Windows 10 user, you also might have faced this issue several times. Though it is a common issue for the network printers, users with a direct connection to the printer also encounter this issue. Printer offline Windows 7 error mostly happens due to connectivity problems or internal glitches. We are going to discuss these problems in detail in this article along with mentioning some effective solutions.

 Factors That Cause Printer Offline Windows 7

Below are some additional factors which can make the printer offline:

A driver software is a piece of code by which a printer and computer communicate with each other. You may face this issue when this driver software is incompatible with the existing version of Windows. The problem also arises when you do not connect your printer and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. As a result, the computer is unable to find a printer for your printing task. It is also possible that your computer sends the printing task to a different printer which is available on the same network. Selection of an incorrect network is another source of your problem. Your printer remains offline if you do not install a compatible driver for your printer. The problem can also arise when there are multiple unfinished jobs in the queue.

Methods To Fix Printer Offline Windows 7 Error

Go through the given steps and follow them correctly to resolve the issue:

Method 1

Find out whether your printer is visible under ‘Devices and Printers’ on your computer. The printer won’t be visible if the computer is unable to recognize the printer. It means that you have not installed the printer correctly. Make sure that the printer is not set to offline. Otherwise, cancel it and set the printer online.

Method 2

Check that you have installed a driver for your printer and ensure that it is compatible with Windows. Uninstall an outdated or corrupted driver and install the correct one. If you are using an old printer, then add it manually to ‘Devices and Printers.’ Search for a compatible driver software online, download and install it on your computer. You can also allow Windows 7 to automatically search for a software driver.

Method 3

Connect your wireless printer to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer is using. Also, make sure that you have chosen the correct network. If your printer is not wireless, change the USB cable which you are using to connect your printer to your computer. Check that you have not connected the cable to a defective plug point.

Method 4

If you are using a Firewall, the network may not approve the printer. Hence, enter the network key and password and follow the prompts appearing on the computer’s screen. It will automatically install the printer on the network. Remove the unfinished tasks from the list of printing activities of your printer. Install the latest updates for Windows. Change the settings of the printer. Right-click on your printer and select ‘Properties.’ Now, disable the SNMP status and save the changes.

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