Undoubtedly, Epson is one of the best company for projectors. The 4k projectors are mainly famous for its high-quality display. But, the truth is that the best doesn’t always mean perfect. If you are using the projector, then you may find an error in Auto Iris Epson projector. The problem may occur due to a wrong entry in the registry edit. At the same time, the misconfiguration of system settings can be the reason of this issue.

error in Auto Iris Epson projector

However, to find the solution, you can stay connected with the article. With the help of these solutions, you can troubleshoot the error faster. Besides that, if you find the error difficult to solve, then you can ask us for help. We will guide you further.

What is Epson Projector Auto Iris Error?

The name Epson Auto Iris Error is a notorious error of but the information which pertains to the error is really less. Basically, it means that the auto iris is facing problem at the time of turning on. There can be various reasons for which the issue occurs. Let’s find the reasons behind it.

The Reasons Behind The Error In Auto Iris Epson Projector

Knowing the reasons will help you to find the perfect solution. If the error message arrives at your screen, then it may contain corrupted system files. Again, incomplete installation of software may create the problem. At the same time, due to a virus attack, you may find the same error. Apart from these, the power failure can be another reason for Auto Iris error.

How To Fix The Epson Auto Iris Error?

To fix the error on your own, you can go through these solutions. You may find the correct answer.

Solution 1: Restart The Computer And The Projector

First of all, you can perform restarting of the 4k projector as well as the computer. If any of them stops responding, then restarting can solve the error. To perform this step, at first, disconnect the projector from the computer and turn it off. Now, power off the computer and wait for a while. After that, restart the computer and connect the projector back. Now, check if the error exists or not. If it exists, then try the next solution.

Solution 2: Perform Antivirus Scan

Secondly, you can scan your system to check if there is any virus or not. You can use a third-party antivirus to scan the system. Otherwise, you can turn on the Windows Firewall to protect your PC. Microsoft provides the firewall as an inbuilt software to protect the system from virus. You can scan your system with the help of it. If you find any virus affected files, delete that immediately to fix the error.

Solution 3: Repair The Corrupted System Files

If you find corrupt system files, then you need to repair it. To correct the system files, go to the Start and open the Command prompt as an administrator. Now, enter the code sfc/scannow and scan the system. After completing the scanning process, restart the computer and find out whether the error exists or not.

Solution 4: Update The Drivers

Again, if you forget to update the drivers for a long time, then it may create the error in Auto Iris Epson projector. To update the driver, you can visit the official website of the manufacturer. Now, download the latest update and install it. When the installation is completed, try to access the projector. You may find the error disappears.

Contact Us For Further Guidance

Are you still struggling with the error? Don’t worry. If you find it difficult to solve, then you can connect with our Epson 4k projector support help desk for help. Our technicians can quickly solve the error in Auto Iris Epson projector. Apart from these, if you are unable to understand at any point in the solution set even then you can ask us. We will clear out all your doubts. To contact us, you can give us a call on the toll-free number  +1-844-828-5593 whenever you need the help. We are available for 24×7. At the same time, you can send us a mail. You will receive the reply fast. For instant discussion, contact us through live chatting.

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