While using the Epson scanner, you may encounter various problems with it. When you update Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, you may come across situations like your Epson scanner is not working. But, there is nothing to worry as many users experience the same Epson scanner error. There are various ways to fix the problem and some of which you get from this article.

You need to go through the reasons first to comprehend the issue in a better manner. Details will help you analyze the issue in a simplified way, and help in efficiently fixing the Epson scanner error.

Probable Reasons Behind Epson Scanner Error

These were some causes which are responsible for problems like Epson scanner error. If you go through the reasons carefully, you might get to fix the problem yourself.

Fix Epson Scanner Error With Ease

These are some relevant fixes for the Epson scanner problems. Implement the following technical measures to get rid of the Epson scanner error. Follow the repairs stated here:

Step 1: Upgrade Scanner Driver

After updating Windows to the latest version, the scanner driver may accidentally get removed due to some unknown reasons. Also, if there is any compatibility issue with the driver and your system, you can encounter the error with scanners.

You can manually download the driver for a fresh installation, or simply update the existing drivers.  

Step 2: Make Sure Scan Is Not Set To The Compatibility Mode

Check whether the scan operation is not set to the compatibility mode. Sometimes the scan option is by default changed to compatibility mode when you update Windows.

  1. First, right-click on the Epson scan icon available from the desktop. After that, you will click on the properties option.
  2. Navigate to the compatibility option now. Then, you will have to uncheck a particular option which says “Run the program in compatibility mode” and tap on the OK option.
  3. Now, press the Windows+R key and open the run box. Then, type in “services.msc” and then tap the OK option to view the services menu.
  4. Now, move to WIA and then select the properties.
  5. Check startup type and service status. Set the Startup Type to Automatic, and you will also have to set the Service Status to Running and tap on OK to save changes.

Reach Out To Specialists At Epson Support

If you are looking for a reliable tech support team who can assist you with Epson scanner error solution, then you can undoubtedly contact the support agents at Epson Scanner  Printer Support.

Call our experts on toll-free helpline +1-844-828-5593 to consult solutions. Our helpline available round the clock. Also, you can communicate with them via mail option. There is a live chat facility even which you can avail to chat with the techies.

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