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Simple Hacks To Fix Epson Connect Printer Setup Problems

Among all the printer devices present in the market Epson printers are one of the best devices that you can get. This company also makes other electronic devices like scanners, projectors, big home theatre televisions. There are three types of printer devices that this company makes. Those three types of printer devices are dot matrix, laser, and inkjet. These types of printers have unique features and capabilities. Despite having a variety of features and capabilities, you may come across some kinds of problems. One such kind of glitch that you may get is the Epson connect printer setup.

Why Does Epson Connect Printer Setup Happen

In this section, we will discuss the various reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

  • When you do not register your Epson printer correctly then you can get this error while you installing the device.
  • If the setup files itself get corrupted somehow, then also you might encounter this very error.

In the next section, you will learn the solution to eradicate this problem.

Steps To Solve This Glitch

This section of the article will provide steps that will help you to solve the Epson connect printer setup error efficiently.

Remove Any Registered Printers

  • Start the setup file of the printer that you want to delete. To do that type Epson setup on the search and then choose the setup file from the result of the search and execute it.
  • Now, choose the printer device that you wish to remove from the services of Epson Connect setup. After that, choose the button ‘Next’.
  • Now, choose the option ‘Printer Removal’. Then tap on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Finally, hit the ‘OK’ and then tap on ‘Close’ button.
  • You can even remove a printer that is registered by using the web configuration page.
    • First, launch the web configuration page of your Epson printer.
    • Next, on that page tap on the ‘Epson Connect Services’. Then hit the ‘Delete’ button.
    • After that, when the message of confirmation gets displayed then hit on the button ‘OK’.
    • At last, remove the printer from the service of the Epson Connect. Then quit your browser.

Remove The Account Of Your Printer From Epson Connect

To remove the account within that service follow these steps.

  • First, in the user page sign into your account. After that, tap on the ‘icon’ of a person and then choose the ‘Account Information.
  • Next, hit the ‘Delete User Account’ option. Then tap on the button ‘Delete’
  • After the account gets removed, then you will see a message of confirmation. Within that message tap on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Finally, now your account will be removed from the Epson Connect service.

Register Your Epson Once Again Via Computer

  • First, connect your printer that is to be registered to the Internet.
  • Next, find the Epson connect printer setup utility present in your system. If this setup file is not present on your system then download it from the internet and install it.
  • After the installation process is over, launch the program.
  • Within the setup window, choose the model of the printer you have. Then tap on the button ‘Next’.
  • Now, put a check mark beside the ‘Registration’ and then tap on the ‘Next’ button.
  • After that, confirm the license agreement for registering the printer and tap on the button ‘OK’ in the next window.
  • Insert a paper on to the printer device Next, on the installation window, follow the information in order to make an account.
  • If you have seen an entry already then choose a second option and populate the form in order to add another printer device.
  • At last the device will print out any required information to use this service and post a message to the mail ID.

Via A Mobile Device, You Can Register The Printer

  • Again, be sure that the printer device is connected to the internet or not and accordingly set up to the instructions about the installation.
  • Next, launch the web browser present on your mobile phone. Then, in the address bar type ‘https: //’, after that the IP address of your printer and hit ‘Enter’ key to get to the configuration page. You can get the IP address of your printer from its control panel.
  • In the configuration page, tap on the ‘Firmware Update’ option and follow the information that shows up.
  • Now, launch the ‘Epson Connect Services *’. After that, go through the instructions and click ‘Register’.
  • Again, insert paper on the paper tray of your printer.
  • At last, when the registration is over tap the button ‘Finish’. Start to use the printer device.

Using A Mac Register Your Epson Printer

To correct the issue of Epson connect printer setup, follow these steps.

  • First, from the CD that comes with your printer, you can able install all the driver required for the device.
  • Then, within the CD, go to the installer and double-click on it to launch the application.
  • Now, before you install any driver within the Mac computer, be sure that you have enabled the ‘Administrator’ right. If you haven’t enabled the rights then do so by entering the Name and login Password that you use when you log into your Mac and tap ‘OK’.
  • After that, you will have to accept the agreements of the license.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Install’ button to start the installation process on ‘Easy Install’ window.
  • After the installation procedure is over add a printer device for the Mac. Then, launch the ‘Printer Setup’ application and choose a printer from the list.
  • Finally, choose the ‘Add’ button.

Get An Efficient Service From Epson Support

If you cannot rectify the problem on Epson connect printer setup utility then do not worry at all. Our technicians at Epson Support will help you at any time. We provide a reliable and low-cost efficient service to you. You can connect with our service professionals via our email ID, Phone number +1-855-971-2203 and comment section also.

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