Recently in the United States, Epson has brought a new change in its printer’s lawsuit. It has released a new firmware update. In that update, all the receivable devices will not support any third-party ink and ink cartridges. In addition to that, the printer will also have the ability to detect any third-party cartridges. 

If someone tries to insert it, then the printer will show an error. According to a recent analysis done by experts, the lawsuit filed in California has accused Epson regarding this decision. Moreover, the existing Epson users are not at all happy regarding this matter.  

What is Epson accused of?

The lawsuit that is filed against Epson has stated that this matter is very much anti-competitive. In addition to that, it is very much unfair not only to the existing customers but also to the new ones as well. This is not the first issue that is interfered by the court. Moreover, the lawsuit also says that this is one of the most illegal conduct to the people as well as certain other organizations that use Epson printers. 

Epson’s Activity

According to some reports, Epson didn’t even inform its existing customers about the new change. Thus, some analysts say that this firmware update has ruined many people’s printers. Those people used some third-party inks and cartridges. There are also other users who didn’t install this firmware but still can use other third-party inks and cartridges. You can Upgrade the Firmware from Epson Service Center with a minimal service charge.

The Prophylactic Move 

Certain deep analysis says that the main profit comes from the inks and cartridges. Now, this is not at all a secret as everyone knows about it. Epson has played a good prophylactic move in order to maintain their profit. If any third-party ink or cartridge doesn’t work, then all the Epson users will only use Epson cartridges. The term on running costs will be maintained by the organization. 

The Logical Point

It is obvious that what Epson did was not at all a good task, but on the other hand, it is a logical move. A third-party ink and cartridge can be less money consuming but it has a high probability of damaging the printing device. If it somehow fits and works in the printer, then it will result in the production of low graded printing quality.