To talk about a quality printer, the first name that comes to our mind is Epson XP 446. This printer is suitable for both office and small businesses. This creative print application lets you print photos and documents of your choice.

It provides a wide range of network connections without any interruption. However, you might face several issues while setting up the printer on your device or you may have come across some problems while connecting it to your laptop.

If you have owned an Epson XP 446 printer and want to set up the printer on your laptop, then this includes some process. Hence, you can set up the hardware and software of the printer with the help of these guidelines.

Therefore, perform the steps in order to configure the printer properly on your device.

Epson XP 446 Printer: Unveiling

When you got the Epson XP 446 printer, you should check what the printer box contains.

When you open up the box, you will find a manual or set up guide along with a Setup CD. After that, remove the printer. Also, the box contains power cables and startup ink.  

Now, open the printer’s head and take off the blue tape which is holding the printer. Now, connect the power cable with the printer and the power source. Switch on and press the power button of the printer.

Next, try to choose the language. After that, go ahead and try to prepare the ink. Now, install the ink in the proper place. To do that, lift the top of the printer and install the ink but do not remove any other seals from the cartridges. 

Now, set up the printer on your laptop.

Simple Steps for Epson XP 446 Wireless Setup:

If you want to set up the printer on your device, follow the steps mentioned in the following section.

Step 1

First of all, remove all the tapes and the sheets from the printer. Do not open the ink cartridges until the installation process gets over. After that, lift up the printer cover.

Step 2

After that, turn on the laptop by pressing the power button of the laptop. Now, open the CD tray and insert the CD that comes in the printer box. Then, go through the steps to install the drivers and all other things necessary for the printer.

Step 3

You do have WiFi on the printer screen. Otherwise, you can add the WiFi, so this is the WiFi setup. Then, press the Help button on the printer.

Step 4

In the next step, insert the ink cartridges in the holder for each color softly. Now, gently remove the seal of the ink cartridges. After that, close the ink cartridges cover and press it down until it clicks. 

Thereafter, you need to close the printer cover and then press the ink button to change the ink.

Step 5

It will take some time to charge the ink. After successfully installing the ink cartridges for the first time, the printer uses ink to charge the printing system. The next process is to load the paper in the paper tray. 

To load the paper, first of all, open the paper support and pull the extensions.

Step 6

After successfully loading the paper, press the Release button and then slide the edge guide to the left. These steps are for the orientation of the printer. Now, try to install the printer driver on your device.

Install the Software

After successfully setting up the printer, it’s time to install the printer driver on your laptop. You need to confirm that there is no connection between the printer and your device (the printer). Then, follow the understated methods.

Step 1

When you insert the CD on the laptop’s CD tray, an autoplay window will appear on the system screen. Click on the Run Epsetup.exe option. 

Thereafter, click on the Continue option at the user account under the Control window.

Step 2

After that, click on the Install option and follow the on-screen instructions to move ahead. It will take some time to install the software. When the installation process gets over, press the Next button two times. 

A message will pop up on the system screen which says connect the USB cable.

Step 3

Thereafter, open any USB port on your laptop and make sure that the printer is turned on. Next, follow the on-screen instructions properly to install the rest of the software on your laptop. Going ahead, register your Epson XP 446 on the laptop.

When the process gets completed, remove the installation CD from the CD tray. Now, your printer is ready for printing page. Try to print any page and check whether it is printing properly or not.

Hope the above guidelines are sufficient enough to know about how to connect the how to connect Epson XP 446 printer to laptop. It is advisable not to miss out on any steps otherwise, you might face difficulties in configuring and setting up the printer.

If you face any problem during any steps, kindly post your queries in the comment section below. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post. Now, enjoy printing with your newly configured Epson printer.