Due to the latest technical advancements in printing devices, you can print all documents wirelessly. But first, you have to set up a WiFi environment and then connect a printer to your computer. 

Certain steps are there to carry out the wireless setup for Epson printers. In this guide, we will discuss setting up an Epson printer in a wireless network environment. So, if you are using Epson WF 3620 printer and want to configure it for a Wifi network, this article will help to do it in an easy and effective way.

To proceed with Epson WF 3620 WiFi setup, you have to go through the following instructions discussed below.

Instructions on How to Setup Epson WF-3620

Before starting the procedure, just make sure that your network has been established with a User ID and password. If not, then follow the approach step-by-step given below.

Establish a WiFi Network

If you want to access the Internet from any remote device, follow the instructions to set up a wireless network.

Note: If you don’t have these addresses, contact your ISP and fetch them as soon as possible.

Hopefully, your network is now established. The detailed steps to connect your Epson printer are described in the next section.

Set up Epson WF-3620 Wirelessly

To set up your printer, first, turn on the device and wait for some time to get it ready. After that, turn on your computer and connect the printer. Then, follow the steps given below.

Tips: If you don’t find any CD/DVD inside the printer’s device’s box, download and install its driver from Epson’s official support page. Also, keep your printer in a compact and safe place after doing the setup process. 

When you are not using the printer, always try to cover it. Otherwise, the device can have certain problems, even if the setup has been done correctly.  

Use original Epson ink cartridges, papers, printing heads, rollers, and other accessories to print any photos or documents. 

Check the ink cartridges after a certain interval of time and refill/replace them before becoming empty. 

Summing Up

We hope that these instructions are sufficient for doing the Epson WF 3620 WiFi setup. If you have any doubts regarding this topic, let us know in the comment section. 

If anything is missing regarding the setup, you can suggest them as valuable suggestions to this post. Keep following our work and your response will inspire us to create more printer-related articles like this in the future.