Epson Scanner Problem | Fix It With Epson Support

Having trouble with your Epson Scanner? It’s really common to have errors with your scanner. Go through the article as this will surely help you solve your Epson Scanner problem.

Epson is one of the most unmistakable names for a long time. But it is quite common to have errors and glitches with time. Are you facing one of these problems on your Epson Scanner?

  • Errors in setting up Epson scanner
  • The Scanner does not scan
  • Epson scanner is not recognized by the system
  • Epson Scanner not working on Windows 10
  • Pressing the scanner button but it doesn’t start the correct program
  • Epson Scanner can’t scan multiple images at one time
  • Epson Scanner software missing
  • Can’t update Epson Scanner driver
  • Epson scanner communication error
  • Epson printer will print but not scan

Here you go! Try these easy fixes to solve the Epson scanner problem.

Epson Scanner Problem

Want to set up your Epson Scanner for the first time? It can be tricky. You will need to have some advanced skills to set up your Epson Scanner for the first time. It is time-consuming also.

So, seeking help from the experts is always the best option to set up your scanner correctly. Contact the Epson scanner support portal and get the easy solution to your Epson Scanner problem.


Epson Scanner

Scanner Does not Scan

Check the cables and the USB ports using which you connect your scanner to the computer. There can be damage to the cables and wires which will arise this type of issue.

Turn off the scanner and your computer. Then remove all the cables and wires. Wait for some moments and then insert them again. And start scanning.

Before scanning, give it some time to be ready to scan. Wait until the status light turns green.

If you connect your scanner to the computer using more than one USB hub your scanner may not work properly. Connect the Epson scanner directly to the computer’s USB port. Or connect it by one hub only.

Computer Does not Recognize the Scanner

Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Check the minimum system requirements here

For Windows PC

System: Windows XP or upper version

Interface: USB 2.0 host driver by Microsoft if you want to connect the scanner to a USB 2.0 port

Display: SVGA or higher resolution monitor

800×600, 24-bit screen resolution or higher

For Mac

System: PowerPC or Intel processor-based Mac computer running Mac OS X

Interface: Mac USB

Display:  Color monitor with 800×600 screen resolution or higher

If you think your computer meets the requirements but still your scanner does not get recognized .you must contact the Epson USA Support for help. Call at the toll-free number  +1-844-828-5593  find the easy solution to your Epson Scanner problem.

Cannot scan multiple Images at one Time

Many Epson scanner users go through this kind of issue. Try these easy steps to fix the problem.

  • Position your images at least 0.8 inches apart
  • Make sure the scanning program installed on your PC

After following these things if you still face any errors, then you must consider contacting the Epson Scanner Support. Visit the chat support portal you will find the chat assistants available 24/7.

Can’t Update Epson Scanner Software

For an error-free operation with your Epson Scanner driver software from time to time. Outdated driver software can cause lots of issues. If your scanner software does not proceed through automatic update. Consider these steps to update the software.

  • Press the Window Logo key on your Keyboard
  • Type ‘Device Manager’. This will search device manager.
  • Now open it.
  • Then from the drop-down menu find Epson Scanner and right-click on it.
  • Select the Update Driver option from there.

Epson Scanner Not Working on Windows 10

Have you just upgraded your Windows operating system to Windows 10? And now facing problems when trying to scan using the Epson Scanner? Not an issue. Try these steps given here. It will easily solve the problem for you.

  • Firstly, Right-Click on the Epson Scan icon from your desktop and then select Properties
  • Now, navigate to Compatibility tab. Run the program in compatibility mode for unchecking it. And finally, Click OK.
  • Then, Press the Windows Logo along with the R button on your Keyboard to open the Run Box
  • Type service.msc and Select the OK Button to open the Service Window.


Epson Scanner Problem

  • Then, Right-Click on the Windows Image Acquisition, and then click properties.

Epson scanner support

  • Now, make sure Startup type is set to Automatic and also change the service status to Running.
  • Finally, Click Apply and then OK


Epson Scanning communication error

Now, If the above solution is not worked for you and every time you are facing an error associated with your Epson scanner best thing you can do is to go to the Epson USA support portal at our Toll-free No +1-844-828-5593 and seek help from the techies available there.

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