Epson Printer is Not Printing Properly | Easy Fixes

Let’s face it. Every Epson printer users here, have problems at least once while printing with their printer. Finding Epson printer not printing anymore is just a common issue. Even though you can deepen your knowledge with some IT online courses, here are some easy solutions to the issue which you can try.

Let’s check it. What are the possible reasons your Epson printer not printing properly?

  • Improper setup of the printer
  • Your printer is not correctly connected to the computer
  • Your printer port settings do not match the printer connection port
  • Epson printer is not selected as the default printer
  • Proper Epson printer driver is not installed
  • Issues with the firmware of your Epson printer driver

Epson Printer Not Printing – Fixes

Here are some of the tried hacks which can help you in solving the error.


  • Make sure your printer is connected to your computer properly. Check all those cables and wires which connects your printer to the computer.
  • Turn off your printer as well as the computer. Now, check the printer’s interface cable is securely plugged into the correct port of the computer.
  • Make sure you are using a cable which is compatible with your printer and the computer.
  • If you are using any printer switching device or any extension cable remove it. And find out if the issue is associated with those external devices.
  • Are the printer you use on your computer is connected through a long time? Then you must check all the cables whether those are damaged or torn. If that is so, replace them with a new one.

Select your Epson printer as the default one

Besides the Epson printer, are you using other printers also? When you use other printers there can be a software conflict with the other printer’s software. To troubleshoot and be sure whether the problem arises due to a software conflict.

Remove other printers for once and then uninstall the driver software also. Check if you are able to print with your Epson Printer.

After removing other printers if you are able to print with the Epson printer try to set your Epson printer as the default one.

Improper Set up of the Epson Printer- Fixes

We all know it can be tough to manage the initial days with our printers. Setting up the printer properly is the primary part of using it. Everyone can’t be a tech geek. Or it is not necessary to have the advanced computing skills always.

If you are beginner level computer users than experts help to set up your Epson printer is what you may look for. Contact the professional experts available at Epson Printer Support and get the easiest solution.

Are you using Epson printer? But your Epson printer not printing properly? Then there might be set up issue also. Experts available at Epson Support can easily help you to solve your Epson Printer problem.

Install Proper Driver for your Epson Printer

To use your Epson printer you must install the proper driver software for that. But finding the proper driver can be really tough. We know how much confusion it can be visiting the manufacturer website to download and install the exact driver software on your computer. It is time-consuming as well.

Better, visit the Epson Printer Support portal and chat with the assistants there. They will help you to get the right driver software for your printer.

Update Driver Software

As mentioned when the driver software is not updated for a long time. You will find an issue with Epson printer is not printing properly. To make the best use of your Epson printer, you have to download and install the update packages for your printer. Try to open Windows Device manager and check for an update manually. To do so, just follow the steps

  • Press the Window Logo key on your Keyboard
  • Type ‘Device Manager’. This will search device manager.
  • Now open it.
  • Then from the drop-down menu find Epson Printer and right-click on it.
  • Select the Update Driver option from there.

Sometimes Windows device manager can’t find the update packages for you. In those situations best you can do is emailing at the Epson Printer Support and ask for help.

Is your Epson Printer not Printing Black?

It is a major issue with many Epson Printer users. It can be a hardware issue. Open your Epson printer cover and check the black ink cartridge. Remove the cartridge and then reinsert. Then try to print again.

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