In my experience, you can never fully count on the workings of a printer. Some problem or the other keep creeping up every now and then. Same goes for all Epson Printers. No matter how good or expensive the printer is. An Epson Printer Error is just around the corner.

It can get annoying to deal with a printer error, but, if you know what you are dealing with, it’s a different ball game altogether.

Epson Printer error

In that context, I have discussed some of the common Epson Printer issues that people usually face.

Some of these errors are quite common like Epson printing not printing, Paper jam issue and comes with an easy fix. While there are some problems that call for experts’ help. In that case, you can call Epson Printer customer service for help.

Coming to the issue at hand, here are some of the common Epson Printer problems you might come across.

Generic Epson Printer Error: Easy Troubleshooting

To give you a brief idea of what could go wrong with your Epson Printer, I have jotted down some of the common Epson problems you are likely to come across.

Power Connection Problem

Epson Printer Connection Error

This Epson printer error is not hard to cope with. If there is a problem with the power connection. The printer will refuse to turn on no matter what you do.

Cause: The reason can be an uneven power supply to the printer. This happens when the voltage from the outlet does not match the working voltage of the printer. A loose power connection can also cause such an error.

Solution: If this is the case, you better call your electrician and get the voltage of your outlets fixed. You can also try to do a complete power cycle. Follow the steps here to power cycle your Epson printer

This should do away with the problem.

Paper Jam on Epson Printer

This is a common Epson Printer Error that most of us face on a regular basis. It’s quite a mess if you ask me. The worst part comes after when you have to forcefully pull off the stuck papers.

Epson printer paper jam

Cause: Use of bad quality paper along with uneven or crumbled papers is the main cause of such errors. If the papers are stacked unevenly then too you will face this error. No matter what the cause, the fix is pretty easy.

Solution: From your end what you can do is, make sure you feed the papers evenly. Be sure that the papers are dust free because dust is a major cause of this snag. Other than that you can try to reshuffle the papers and check if it works for you.

Low-Quality Print

Epson Printer support

This Epson printer error is the most annoying one. What’s the use of an expensive printer if the printed copy itself is substandard.

Cause: More often than not, the printer setting is to blame. An inappropriate settings can leads your printer to deliver substandard printing. Adding to that, an improper setup can also be the reason for this Epson Printer Error.

Solution: Firstly, take help from the professional experts to set up the Epson printer. And secondly, make sure that the printer settings are set right. If everything checks out, and you are still having this problem. You can call Epson Printer customer service number and ask them to assist you.

Leaky Ink Cartridge

Epson Printer Leaking Ink

A leaking ink cartridge can put you in a real mess. It has the capability to ruin the inner machinery of your printer. Therefore you better fix it right away.

Cause: The primary cause of this problem can be a damaged cartridge or a wrongly installed cartridge.

Solution: It’s a quick fix by the way. Try removing the cartridge and installing it back again. If the cartridge is broken, replace it.

Driver Update Problem

Epson Printer Driver Update Error

Don’t you just hate it when the Epson Printer Driver freezes or crashes every time you try to update it? This is a pretty common problem you can fix very easily.

Cause: A virus infection is one of the major cause of this problem. Other clashing programs can also give rise to this problem.

Solution: I suggest you do a complete virus scan of your system. You can also try to remove some of the clashing software.

If nothing gives, contact Epson Printer customer care +1-844-828-5593 right away.

Epson Printer Error – Get The Fastest Fixes

At times it can get very troublesome to tackle the Epson printer error. While some of the above-given solutions are quite easy to implement. Call Epson USA Support and resolve all of the given issues in an instant with our experienced tech experts.

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