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Printers can get quite a trouble sometimes. Epson, for instance, is one of the heavy brands of printers in the market. It comes with everything that makes it a good printer. But, a good name in the market doesn’t make it free from errors and glitches. Epson printer comes with its own set of issues. Here I’m going to give you some troubleshooting steps for specific Epson printer error codes.

Well, an Error Code is nothing but a numerical representation of a particular problem you might be having. It can be given to you as an Error message or the code itself. The number of Error Codes is as many as the number of errors.

Epson Printer Error Codes


Therefore, to keep it simple, I have put together some of the common ones only. You’ll get to know all about the causes and the probable solution.

Moving on, let’s check out what all are the common printer error you can expect.

Error Codes to Look Out For

Error Codes are nothing short of annoying messages that tell you what’s wrong with your Epson Printer. Here some of the common error messages you need to look out for.

  • Error 0x97 Epson Printer
  • Error code 0xf1
  • Epson Printer Error  000031
  • Epson Printer Error Code 0x69

Fix Your Epson Printer Error Codes

Wondering what to do with your malfunctioning Epson Printer. Well, I have the right solutions for you. Over here you will get to know about the causes of such problems and the solutions at the same time.

Epson Printer Error Code 0x97

You will encounter this Epson Printer Error Code ox97 whenever you have a hardware problem with your Epson Printer. When it comes down to hardware, the possibilities can be endless. There might be a problem with the print head or a fused circuit.

Irrelevant to the cause, you can try out the given below hacks to make it work again.

The first thing you can try out is to do a complete power cycle. Turn off your Epson Printer, unplug all the power cables, then keep it like that for some time. Plug everything back again, then try to turn it on.

Then, clean up the inside of your Epson Printer, because a dust accumulation can cause your printer to jam. Very carefully remove the outer shell then clean it with a semi-wet cloth.

If you are not sure about this, then you can give Epson Printer Support a call. They will guide you through it.

Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1

If you enter a corrupted registry, then there is a chance this error code will come up. If you see this error code, it means, the printer is not able to process information, thus unable to print. Here’s how you can fix it.

Solution 1: A power cycle is one thing you can try as a first countermeasure. It’s easy enough, just turn off the printer, then unplug all the power cable. After a while plug everything back again.

Solution 2: To fix this problem by scanning your computer for a virus or malware is not a bad idea. As sometimes a malware infection can give rise to this error.

Epson Printer Error Code 000031

One of the Epson Printer Error Codes, that comes when there is a problem with the scanner. Which means this error is particularly associated with the Epson All in One printer. It is a hardware issue, a damaged mainly cause the problem. But, here are some of the fixes you can apply.

Epson Printer Error

Solution 1: As a first measure, you can try to remove the ink cartridge and then install it properly. Take the help of our Epson Printer support if it seems too farfetched.

Solution 2: Reconfigure your Epson Printer to default. At times, a wrong setup can cause this error.

Epson Printer Error Code 0x69

Primarily a hardware issue is a major cause of this error. For instance, if there is an obstacle inside the printer which is disrupting the mechanics, you will face this issue. Given below are some easy fixes, try them out.

At first, very carefully open the printer lid and check for obstructions.

Then, try removing your printer cartridge and re-install it properly.

Finally, go through a complete power cycle. Turn off your Epson Printer, take out all the power cable, then keep it like that for some time. After a while, plug everything back in and restart your Printer.

The above-given error solution should be able to solve most of the Epson Printer Error Codes.

But, If a certain problem remains to bother you, you have the option to call for help. In that case, what’s better than to connect with Epson USA Support. A 24×7 available customer service.

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