If you’re a new Epson user and want to know about the Epson perfection V550 wireless setup then you have visited the right place. You might be knowing that Epson V550 is best-known for the quality of the scan it delivers. It specifically uses a technology called ReadyScan LED to print a fine quality of images. 

Additionally, if you have old films that have been faded in color, then this device will bring back life to it again by regaining the right tone of color. You can also scan a document or picture that is larger in size comparatively. So, if you are ready to begin, scroll down and read the rest of the article. 

Steps to Setup Epson V550 

This section contains the easy steps that you can implement while setting up Epson perfection V550. All you need to do is sit back and read the steps and apply them later at your convenience. 

Step 1

The first thing that you will need to do is visit the Epson official website so that you can download the driver. Now, while doing so, you must keep in check that you are downloading the right compatible driver for the printer otherwise the scanner will not work. 

Step 2: 

After you are done downloading the driver, install it right away and choose the option that says “Open Folder”. After that open the data that is downloaded, which is the setup file, and it goes by the “.exe” extension. 

Step 3:

After this, a setup installation wizard will come up on the screen. Follow the wizard by clicking on the “Next” option. After that, finish the installation to prepare your software. 

Step 4:

Now, to avail of the wireless connection facility, you need to cross-check a few things before enabling the WPS button, which is the WiFi-protected setup button. This button is available on any router. 

Step 5: 

Now, all you need to do is switch on the printer and wait until you can visibly see the flashlight blinking only once. The color is supposed to be blue. Once you see that, know that the printer is on and running. 

Step 6: 

Now, you need to locate the “WPS” button which you will find at the backside of the printer. After you’ve found the WPS button, press it instantly within 2 minutes from the start of the printer. One of the ways to know that the printer is looking for the access point is when the blue light keeps blinking until it has found it. 

Once it does find it, the blue light will get static. If the whole procedure of finding the access point turns out to be successful then you will come to notice that the WiFi lamp, as well as the lamplight (blue), will stay static and stop blinking.

Step 7:

Now, if you are unsure that it is connected or not, try printing a document or a picture as a test. Simply insert a sheet or two on the scanner tray and then press the button that says “Resume” and hold it. 

Take notice that the indicator is supposed to blink for at least 15 times. After you’ve done the count, release your finger and let go of the button. Now, if the setup was successful then you will be receiving a print. 

If you are a Mac user and have been wondering what to do all this while, then the wait is over as the next section consists of guidelines for the Mac operating system. 

Steps to Setup  Epson V550 On Mac OS

 Follow this section if you are a Mac user and have been in dire need of guidelines to set it up. 

Step 1:

First, you need to download the software utility file for Mac which is available online. The purpose of this utility file is to make the printer compatibility and flexible. 

Once you’ve downloaded the software utility application, click on the button that says “Continue” as the setup box appears on the screen. then, click on the “Agree” button to continue the process. 

Step 2: 

After agreeing, select the “Install” button and then choose the “Close” button. Then, you need to choose the product and proceed by clicking on the “Next” button. If by installing the Utility software, the setup windows did not show up then you can bring it manually. 

Simply avail the “Finder” option and then choose the “Application” option. Thereafter, choose the “Epson Software”. By double-clicking on it, the setup guide box will open up. 

Step 3: 

After that, your registered printer will show up. Select it and click on the button that says “Next”. Now, if the setup has been successful so far, then you will see a command that should say “Register your printer to Epson..”. When you see it, click on the “OK” button. 

By clicking on “OK”, an agreement box will show up. Read the agreement and license before clicking on the “Next” button. 

Step 4: 

Now, that the setup is successfully completed, you will have to make a fresh new account. The purpose of this is to give you access to more range of utilities it has to offer. Simply make an account and then give out the information that is asked in the form. 

However, if you have an existing account that is already registered then choose the option that says “I already have an account”. Then, simply fill out the rest of the blank portions with the asked information and click on the option that says “Add a printer” to add the Epson V550 printer. 

After you’re done adding, click on the “Close” button. Now, you can try and attempt to print any file to check if the installation has worked out so far. 


Well, this is the end of the article but most certainly not the end of the solutions that can be worked out in peculiar ways. These methods can come useful to you in the near future as well.  

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