Setting up printers are quite an easy task to perform. If you are a tech-savvy person, you can easily perform it effortlessly. Same is the case for your Epson p800 setup. 

Setting up a printer appropriately will allow you to enjoy all the functionalities and features that your printer has. Therefore, if you are wondering how to setup Epson p800, then follow this article carefully.

Easy Steps for Epson p800 Setup:

Follow the procedures stated below and setup your Epson p800 successfully.

Procedure 1: Connect to the Internet 

To do this process successfully you need to connect to the internet first. Therefore, do the following.

Procedure 2: Print a Page

In the next step, print a page. To do that here are the steps which you need to follow. 

Add a Printer Manually

Sometimes when you click “Add Printer” at that time it might not display your printers name. Hence, now you have to manually add your printer. To do so, perform the following steps properly. 

Step 1: At first, choose the time from the bottom right. 

Step 2: After that, choose the settings option. 

Step 3: Then, scroll to the bottom. Select the Advanced next. 

Step 4: In the next step from the printing section, choose the Printers option. 

Step 5: Then add a nearby printer quickly. For that, choose the Add Nearby Printers option. In the list sometime you might not see your printer. At that time choose Add Manually option. 

Step 6: Now enter all the information of your printer. Such as name, address, protocol, Queue, etc. 

Step 7: In the end, choose the Add option. 

That’s all about Epson p800 setup. Hopefully, after applying the steps manually you will be able to setup your printer effortlessly.