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Epson Ink Pad Reset – Simple Steps To Fix This

Out of all the companies that produce printer devices, Epson is one of the most popular Company.It manufactures a variety of devices that can print like a dot matrix, laser, and inkjet. Along with printers it also manufactures scanners, projectors etc. All the different types of printers have many kinds of unique features and abilities that help the users in a certain way. Despite the fact that there are so many different kinds of features within the printer devices. Even then you can get various glitches. One such kind of glitch that you may encounter is the Epson reset ink pad. In the section that comes up, we shall discuss the reasons behind this issue.

Reason Behind This Error

This section will provide you with reasonable details that contain with some information on why this error occurs after all. The only reason for the occurrence of this problem is when the printer cleans its nozzles and perform an ink flush to clear the heads of the device. Now, when the printer reaches its limit to clean and the waste ink pad gets full then the printer will not print anymore. This happens to help the printer from overflowing the waste ink from the ink pad. In the section that will follow, you will get the answers for this error.

Steps To Solve The Epson Reset Ink Pad

In this section, you will get the possible steps that will help you to solve this issue in an easy way.

Use A Reliable Software To Reset The Ink Pad From Epson Printer

  • First, Open the web browser and there try to search for reliable software that resets the ink pad of Epson printers. From the search result select a popular software and download it. After the download is complete, run the setup to install that application.
  • After the installation is over, launch the reliable software by double-clicking on the icon.
  • Within that software, choose an adjustment mode and after that, again select the ‘Counter for Waste ink pad’, under the maintenance tab.
  • Next, tap on the button ‘Check’ to start the counter. There are three levels of counter ‘Main Pad, FL box, Ik Tube. Out of these three select any one. Now, in order to clean that specific counter hit the button ‘Initialisation’.
  • After Initialisation is done you will get a confirmation message that the reset is complete. Hit the button ‘OK’ and reboot the printer device.
  • At last, hit the button ‘Check’ once again and look into the status of the counter that has already been reset.

Manually Reset The Waste Ink From Ink Pad

  • First, turn the printer around its back and find a small lid, then open it. In that compartment, you will find a thin pipe that pours waste ink into the ink pad compartment.
  • Since the lid is small but the compartment is more where the waste ink gets stored. Therefore it cannot be replaced. Instead of that, when the ink pad is full, then you will have to take it out yourself.
  • Now, take out the waste ink compartment carefully with the help of tongs. If you cannot able to do so then you can take help from professionals.
  • Take out the waste ink from the ink pad with the help of a syringe and after taking the ink out, clean the compartment.
  • You can even use a pump tube for the aquarium to remove the waste ink and put it in the bottle.

Contact Experts From Epson Support

If you could not rectify the Epson ink pad reset utility problem by yourself then do not worry at all. The experts in Epson Support are there to help you. Whenever you encounter any problem with your Epson printer then contact us via support number +1-855-971-2203 . Even you can provide a query of your problem via the comment section in the website. We shall get back with the required solution very quickly.

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